Cavilla Eyelash Serum
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Cavilla Eyelash Serum

RM168.00 MYR
Short and sparse on eyelashes and eyebrows? Cavilla Eyelashes Serum is your savior. Ingredients imported from USA and it’s 100% authentic and original.


Eyes play an important role in makeup. Without a proper makeup details on the eyes, consider your makeup is only half done. This is why we love to have our eyes to be charming, moist and beam with joy and beauty. It is a norm for girls to have the eyes to look bigger and more attractive.

It contains a variety of nutrients for growing lash & hair. It can produce hair cells and form tissues, while activating secondary hair follicle germ tissue. , Accurately and deeply activate each hair follicle to make the eyelashes get full nutrition, so that the eyelashes can grow naturally and healthily, more slender, more natural curling, thicker ✔

  • No more sparse and short eyelashes
  • Helps to grow thick eyelashes
  • Strengthen eyelashes
  • Provide the nutrients needed for eyelashes growth
  • Can be used as mascara primer

Clean your eyes and let it dry by gently wiping it with a soft towel. Apply a few drops and gently slide it over the roots of your eyelashes. (Take note: not to let the essence to drip into your eyes). Gently slide the upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes with the essence. If you want to apply makeup then use eyelash curler + mascara to achieve the eye-catching effect. Use this essence every morning and night to experience faster eyelashes growth within 3-4 weeks.
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它包含多种营养,可增加睫毛和毛发的生长。 它可以产生毛细胞并形成组织,同时激活毛囊,使睫毛二次发育。 它准确、深层地激活每个毛囊,使睫毛获得充分的营养,使睫毛自然健康地生长,更纤细,更自然的卷发,浓密✔

  • 稀少睫毛的救星
  • 帮助生长浓密睫毛
  • 巩固睫毛不容易掉落
  • 提供睫毛所需的营养
  • 采用成为睫毛膏打底

使用洗面乳清洗干净后,将眼睛的部分抹走水分。打开Cavilla Eyelash Essence 睫毛营养液,占取一点的精华液利用横行的方式在睫毛根部滑过。(忽使用过多分量,注意不让液体掉入眼睛) 使用洗面乳清洗干净后,将眼睛的部分抹走水分。打开Cavilla Eyelash Essence 睫毛营养液,占取一点的精华液利用横行的方式在睫毛根部滑过。(忽使用过多分量,注意不让液体掉入眼睛) 上睫毛和下睫毛轻轻滑过液体即可(像画眼线般简单便捷)如想要上妆,这时候可以利用睫毛夹+睫毛膏达到美眼亮睛的效果。 早晚使用能够有效在3-4星期见到明显睫毛的长度。
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